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Quantum.Tech APAC Summit

The Quantum.Tech APAC Summit, a pioneering event in the Asia Pacific region, took place from 4 to 5 April 2023 at the Equarius Hotel, Singapore. This summit was organized in partnership with the Quantum Engineering Programme (QEP), which is operating under the administration of the National Quantum Office (NQO).

The National Quantum Office Executive Director, Mr Ling Keok Tong, spoke in a panel discussion titled “Coordinate, Concentrate and Connect: Singapore’s quantum leap into the future”. During this engaging session, Mr Ling shared on Singapore’s strategic vision, outlining three key elements:

  1. Coordination: Strengthening the synergy between research organizations and end-users to ensure that our investments in quantum research will have a greater impact,
  2. Concentration: Focusing on critical areas in quantum research to enable Singapore to gain a competitive edge, and
  3. Connection: Bridging the public sector and key stakeholders to increase end-user demand for quantum technologies and improve support for quantum initiatives.

Mr Ling added, “In Singapore’s case, an early strategy in 2007 was establishing the Centre for Quantum Technologies. This investment has yielded good results, enabling us to cultivate essential capabilities that will propel us into the next phase of quantum exploration and innovation.

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