About NQO

About NQO

Who We Are

The National Quantum Office (NQO) executes national level strategies with the aim to catalyze Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) activities for Quantum in Singapore.

  1. Develop and drive the implementation of Singapore’s RIE Strategy for Quantum with the guidance of the National Quantum Steering Committee.
  2. Coordinate major public investments in quantum technologies, such as the Centre for Quantum Technologies, the Quantum Engineering Programme, and other ecosystem-wide quantum initiatives.
  3. Implement strategies to develop and promote the growth of Singapore’s quantum research and engineering talent pool, for a quantum-aware, quantum-ready workforce.
  4. Foster public-private partnerships and international collaborations to co-create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for Quantum in Singapore.

Vision for Quantum

Singapore – a leading hub in quantum technology development and deployment

  • with a vibrant quantum ecosystem of industry and research underpinned by a talented workforce,
  • while ensuring assured access to critical technologies of national importance.

Cultivate a vibrant Quantum RIE ecosystem

Attract and retain

Strengthen basic

Enable translation for implementation

Cultivate a vibrant
quantum RIE ecosystem

Foster strategic

Our story

Time travel through Singapore’s 20+ years quantum journey since Singapore’s first strategic funding initiative in 2002. Discover how Singapore’s quantum agenda evolved through the years and how it led to the inception of the National Quantum Office.


First grant for “Quantum Information Technology” was awarded to Prof. Artur Ekert by then NSTB/A*STAR under the Temasek Professorship scheme


Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) was established as a Research Centre of Excellence (RCE) supported by NRF and MOE


A*STAR established the Quantum Technologies for Engineering (QTE) programme


NRF launched the Quantum Engineering Programme


The National Quantum Office was formed.

Our Logo & Brand


The NQO logo is an N-like shape that embodies the wave element and conveys a sense of forward momentum.

The logo is scientifically inspired by the concept of wave-particle duality – the idea that atoms and other quantum particles can show both particle and wave-like behaviours – which underlies the exhibition of quantum properties.