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Scholarships Opportunities

Scholarships Opportunities

National Quantum Scholarships Scheme (NQSS)

We offer Master’s and PhD scholarships opportunities for individuals looking to advance their careers in quantum research or quantum engineering. Studies must be undertaken at the various Autonomous Universities (AUs) in Singapore.

The National Quantum Scholarships Scheme aims to nurture a pool of talent in Quantum by providing opportunities to contribute skills and expertise to the quantum industry and research institutions in Singapore.

Eligibility Criteria

Achieved a Second Class (Upper) Honours Degree or equivalent in relevant disciplines.

Possess a strong interest in a quantum research or quantum engineering career.

For NQSS (PhD) applicants:
Have applied or we’ll be applying for a quantum-related PhD or EngD programme at a local Autonomous University.

Scholarship Benefits

Application Process

The NQSS(PHD) accepts year-round application

Interested applicant contacts a potential CQT supervisor

Contact each AU’s graduate office or faculty office for more details

**For the Master’s scholarship, stay tuned for updates**

Application Process

The NQSS (PhD) accepts year-round application.

Please contact a CQT Principal Investigator or Fellow if you are an interested applicant.

**For the Master’s scholarship, stay tuned for updates**


Q: Can I apply for the scholarship before I receive my final year result?

Applicants who are in the last semester of their final year of undergraduate studies are welcomed to apply. However, the scholarship will only be awarded if at least a 2nd upper-class honours degree is obtained.