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National Quantum Strategy

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2. Engineering Capabilities

Thematic grant calls will be launched by the National Quantum Office with a focus on critical components and technologies as well as applications in the following three pillars:

Quantum Communications 
and Security

Quantum Processors, Computation and Simulation

Quantum Sensing and Metrology

National-level quantum programmes as focal points to drive translational activities


New National-Level Quantum Programmes

Two new national-level quantum programmes will be established:

National Quantum Sensor Programme (NQSP)

The National Quantum Sensor Programme (NQSP) will facilitate national coordination of quantum sensing research efforts.

Image credit:  “Lost in Tracking” or why mobile GPS is inaccurate? 

Image credit: Centre for Quantum Technologies, Nanyang Technological University

Image credit: Quantum physics gives brain-sensing MEG scanners a boost. February 2021.  

National Quantum Processor Initiative (NQPI)

The National Quantum Processor Initiative (NQPI) aims to develop local capabilities within Singapore to design and build a Quantum Processor.

National-Level Quantum Programmes

Under Singapore’s National Quantum Strategy, the current three national-level quantum programmes – National Quantum Computing Hub (NQCH), National Quantum Federated Foundry (NQFF) and National Quantum Safe-Network (NQSN) – under the Quantum Engineering Programme will enhance their capabilities and continue to play a key role in partnering with industries to co-create meaningful quantum solutions with our research community.

NQCH will strengthen its expertise in the use of quantum computing to support use cases in Finance, Drug Discovery and Development, and Logistics.
NQFF will become a federated foundry that owns and operates fabrication tools essential to the design, fabrication and characterisation of critical quantum components and technologies. NQFF will also play an important role in supporting the technical needs of other national-level quantum programmes, such as the NQPI, and national initiatives.
NQSN will evolve into a testbed for continued scientific and engineering research in quantum communications by public and private sector end-users, and complement the NQSN+ initiative under the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).